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FIRE Steakhouse & Bar has been offering the best steak in Dawson Street, Dublin city centre for over 18 years.

Best Steak Restaurant Dublin

FIRE offers the finest cuts of Hereford Prime Irish Steak, which is renowned as one of the most succulent, tender steaks available on the global market. Not only do Hereford Prime Irish steaks taste superior, but they are also low in saturated fat, high in vitamins and minerals and always tender.

FIRE ages its steaks in two different ways:

Irish Hereford Prime Aged Under Vacuum & Marinated with Garlic, Thyme

These steaks are packed full of juicy flavour, aged for 21 days in a vacuumed bag before being given a final touch with FIRE’s now-signature marinade of Irish Atlantic Sea Salt, fresh thyme and aromatic thyme.

35 Day Dry Aged Irish Hereford Prime

To bring out the best in the meat, FIRE’s 35 Day Dry Aged Hereford beef is hung on the bone in a carefully- controlled, dry environment. The ageing process makes it even more tender and develops its characteristic rich, almost buttery flavour.



T-Bone Steak

It is often described as the best of both worlds, this huge T-bone steak cut is two steaks in one — flavour filled sirloin on one side of the bone, and tender fillet on the other. FIRE offers this wonderful cut in aged under vacuum and marinated with garlic, thyme and 35-day dry-aged.

Rib Eye

The ribeye comes from one of the most extensively used muscle groups in cattle. As a result, this steak cut has more marbling and texture than a lot of other cuts. This means this cut is bursting with intense flavour and exceptionally juicy making it a classic steak. FIRE offers this cut in 10oz aged under vacuum & marinated with garlic, thyme and 12oz 35 day dry-aged.

FIRE’s 12oz Rib-eye steak is a Gold Medal Winner at the World Steak Challenge. This is one of the world’s first-ever event that showcases the very best of steak from across the globe. The steaks are judged on their raw and cooked appearance, aroma and marbling among other factors. The Gold Medal recognises that FIRE’s 12oz Irish Hereford Prime Rib-eye steak is one of the best steaks on the global market. 

Fillet Steak

Low in fat and extremely tender, fillet steaks have a melt in the mouth texture. This beautiful cut of beef is available in 6oz aged under vacuum & marinated, 10oz aged under vacuum & marinated and 8oz 35-day dry-aged.


The Tomahawk steak is a ribeye steak with the entire rib bone left on it. Taking its name from the visually similar tomahawk axe, this enormous steak is available on a sharing board for two at FIRE. This cut of beef is rich in sweet flavours released from the large rib bone.

All of these cuts of beef are available on our A La Carte Menu daily.

Have your steak and eat it too!

FIRE’s Early Bird menu includes our 8oz Sirloin Prime Centre cut served with your choice of chips or fresh salad. Our early bird menu is available daily with two courses for €35pp.


Monday – Friday 5 pm – 6 pm

Saturday & Sunday 1 pm -5 pm

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