The World’s Best Steak

exclusively at FIRE Steakhouse & Bar

Wagyu - world's best steak

The 2022 champion of The World Steak Challenge, the world’s best steak is available at FIRE Steakhouse & Bar for a limited time only.

Akune Gold, Authentic Japanese Beef was crowned the World’s Best Sirloin and World’s Best Grain-Fed at the 2022 World Steak Challenge held at FIRE Steakhouse & Bar last year.

FIRE Steakhouse & Bar is proud to welcome the world’s best steak, The Akune Gold Wagyu from Japanese producer Starzen Co. to our Dublin Steakhouse.

Akune Gold has roots in Akune City, Kagoshima Prefecture beginning over 60 years agao. Since then they have worked hard to refine their Wagyu beef processing technology, quality control and production hygiene levels to the high global standards. It is an honour for us to serve this genuine Japanese Wagyu, a true taste of luxury at FIRE Steakhouse & Bar.

wagyu - world's best steak

Akune Gold’s Story

Akune Gold raise cattle with love and care which is the fundamental reason behind their success and high standard of quality.

In Japan, all Wagyu cattle are each given an individual number that can be used to track the animal’s information – in many locations, they are also given a name and recognised individually among others.

Akune Gold Wagyu cattle are fed pasture grass and rice straw, an ingredient with deep ties to Japan’s rice industry. They’re also given a compound feed that includes many different grains for proper nutritional balance. A feed regimen rich in carbohydrates, protein and nutrients during different stages of the cattle’s lifecycle helps produce high-quality meat and trademark marbling.

The rearing environment in Japan’s southern island of Kyushu is heavily forested and provides clean air and spring water, which also contribute greatly to raising high-quality, healthy cattle.

FIRE’s World’s Best Steak Menu

available for a limited time.



Lighty seared Wagyu fillet served with spring onion, daikon & sesame salad, wasabi mayo, citrus soy gel.


the world's best steak

4oz Fillet

6oz Sirloin

8oz Rib Eye

Served Medium Rare

Soy gel, rocket, candied pecan, & pear salad & sweet potato fries.

Please ask your server for the cut of the day.

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Sales and Reservations Manager 
Email: maria@mansionhouse.ie
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World Steak Challenge

The judging is independent and monitored at every stage, with every steak being judged on its own merits against international judging criteria. The steak with the highest overall score is declared the winner of the coveted World’s Best Steak award, and its supplier is given the award of the World’s Best Steak Producer.

world steak challenge at FIRE Steakhouse