Fire History

The Mansion House was built in 1710 and has been the official residence of the Lord Mayor of Dublin since 1715. Joshua Dawson; after whom Dawson Street is named; built the Mansion House and was the first to develop this area of the city which was once marshlands.

On the 25th of April 1715, the Mansion House was purchased for £3,500, an annual rent and a six-pound loaf of double refined sugar every Christmas. It was the first purpose bought Lord Mayor’s Residence in the United Kingdom. The room in which FIRE Steakhouse & Bar Restaurant is now located is formally called the supper-room. The present room is the third structure built for such a purpose on this site. The first was built in 1864, the second in 1881 and the last in 1891. The room, which was built on a budget of £1,500, was used as the supper room for the Lord Mayor initially, later it was used as a cultural centre but in the 1990s it returned to its original purpose as a supper room when it became a commercial restaurant.

In 2005, the building became FIRE Steakhouse & Bar. The building itself remains in the care of the state and the Lord Mayor is still in residence in the Mansion House who often comes to dine in ‘The Supper Room’.

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