South American Winner of World Steak Challenge 2023

FIRE Steakhouse & Bar welcomes South America’s Best Steak – for a limited time only!

Azul Natural Beef were crowned the South American Winner at the World Steak Challenge 2023.

The Argentinian Rib Eye Steak has arrived at the best Steakhouse in Dublin “Fire Steakhouse and Bar”and will be served for a limited time only.

FIRE’s Culinary Director Richie Wilson has created an Argentinian-inspired sharing dish suitable for 2 people, it is

600g Chargrilled Rib Eye served with Ensalada Criolla, Chimichurri and Sweet Potato Fries.

The mouthwatering Rib Eye is truly one of a kind. The marbling is a result of the Aberdeen breed’s maize-enriched diet and the combination of natural raising pastures, which translates to a buttery texture and umami flavours that melt on the palate. Bursting with flavour, after one bite it is clear how this cut of beef was a World Steak Challenge winner.

Along with the addition of the Azul Natural Rib Eye Steak, FIRE Steakhouse & Bar is excited to announce the introduction of our brand-new FIRE Grills. The 600g Rib Eye will be served over these charcoal grills so that our guests can finish cooking the steak at their table to their exact preference.

South American - Argentinian Rib Eye Steak Azul Natural Beef"

For those who want a new culinary experience in Dublin and to try an award-winning steak never served in Ireland – your table at FIRE awaits you and you can indulge in this incredible dish, available for a limited time only – booking advised!