International Women’s Day: Ruth Beddis

About Ruth:

I am mum to three beautiful daughters. My oldest and youngest both have Down Syndrome and at the moment I am on leave from my job to care for them. I don’t think my day is much different from the average mum caring for three small children, just with some extra appointments and therapy thrown in. Our lives are very similar to everyone else’s, with highs, lows, celebrations and worries, just like anyone else!

Why Ruth was nominated:

My wife is an incredible mother to our three daughters, the eldest and youngest have Down Syndrome and she has cared for them for a few years now and their development has been fantastic. Mostly due to the never-ending work my wife puts in. I know I’m biased, but I don’t think you will find anyone more deserving!


How Ruth Feels:

I am delighted to be nominated to represent women caring for loved ones with disabilities. However there are thousands of women all over Ireland doing similar work to me, and no doubt doing it better!