Txogitxo Galician Steak

Tasty Txogitxo Galician Steak from Basque Launches at Dublin Steakhouse for a Limited Time Only – this special is SOLD OUT

The esteemed Txogitxo Galician Steak has just arrived at FIRE Steakhouse & Bar. Hailing from the Basque region of Spain, just outside San Sebastian, this 10oz steak is pure quality and prepared with the utmost care. Served alongside side dishes wrapped in rich Spanish heritage, including patatas bravas with a Pippirrana salad and a chimichurri sauce that packs a punch.

In Spanish Basque farmhouses, there is a tradition of keeping cows and oxen for 12 – 20 years feeding on the grass in meadows close to the sea. This long lifespan and diet flavour the meat, giving the Txogitxo Galician Steak its characteristic aroma. This steak has got to be on your list to try this April and lucky for you, FIRE Steakhouse & Bar is the only steakhouse in Ireland where it’s available.

We’ve paired this incredible but of beef with traditional Spanish sides; A Pipprrana Salad and Patas Bravas with smoked paprika sauce & garlic aioli. Priced at 60 per person and available for a limited time only. Make sure to get your booking in early to avoid disappointment. Don’t forget to compliment your tasting experience with our recommended wine pairing Ramon Bilbao Reserva Rioja, available for €55 per bottle.

Join us in the heart of Dublin and try this world-class steak today!

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