Serves 4

4 ea Rib Eye Steaks
Salt + Pepper
Olive oil
2 ea Crushed Garlic Cloves
50 g Chopped Thyme
100 ml Vegetable Oil
4 each Large Maris Piper Potatoes
3 each Shallots
100 ml Cream
200 ml Water
1 each Onion
100 g Cassava Flour
Vegetable Oil
100 g Bone Marrow
100 g Butter
5 g Cracked Black Pepper
5 ml Brandy

BBQ Rib Eye Steak


Preparing the Steaks

Begin by mixing the vegetable oil, garlic and thyme well in a blender, pour this marinade over your steaks for as long as you can but no longer than 48hours.

Get the BBQ going about 20 minutes or so before you want to cook, we want it smoking hot but no flames. Remove the steaks from the marinade and drain off excess oil (pat them down with a little kitchen paper to be sure). Season the steak well on both sides (it is best to do this about 20 minutes before you cook them ). Place the steaks on the grill for 2-3 minutes before giving it a quarter turn clockwise, not turning it over!!. After doing this on both sides you will have cooked the steak for about 12 minutes. This would give you a Medium Rare Steak, which is perfect but if you wish to cook it more it is better to move it up on the BBQ to the grills further away from the heat where it will cook and not burn, about 3-4 minutes for medium and a further 3-4 for well done. Of course the thickness of steaks varies but in any case you should allow the steak to rest for almost the same time as it took to cook in a warm but not hot oven.

Shallot Mash

Begin by peeling the potatoes and shallots.

Cut the potatoes evenly and place in a pot of cold salted water. Bring to a simmer and continue cooking for 20-25 minutes until the potatoes are completely cooked through. Put the potatoes through a ricer or mash until they are completely smooth.

Place the shallots in a pot with a little oil and sweat over a low heat gently until they are soft. Now add the cream and simmer until the cream has reduced to a thick consistency. Add all of this to a blender and blend until smooth.

Add the pureed shallots to the mash one spoon at a time until the mash is rich and fluffy

 Onion Cassava

Begin by slicing a large Spanish onion into small dice. Add a little oil to the pan and fry the onions until they are all a dark brown but don’t burn them. Now add the flour to the pan and reduce the heat. Continue to cook the flour over the heat but turn all the while. Make sure you soak up all the juice from the onions, this is what gives all the flavour, just check the seasoning before leaving to cool

Marrow Butter

Soften both the marrow and the butter at room temperature for an hour or 2 before you begin to make this. Add all the ingredients to a mixer and mix gently until they have all blended together. Allow to cool and set before cutting or filling your dishes to serve it in

To Serve

Pipe the mash on one side of the plate and build the roast roots around it. Run a line of the cassava flour across the centre of the plate.  Place the steak to the opposite side along with possibly a marrow bone filled with your marrow.