International Women’s Day: Siobhan Healy

About Siobhan:

I am 58 years old  I have been undergoing treatment for cancer for the last year and a half. I had a lung removed a year and a half ago from cancer never smoked in my life. I have been getting immunotherapy treatment for the last year and a half and have six months left of treatment. The hardest things about being sick was having to give up minding Orla’s two beautiful children, I miss them so much but couldn’t keep up minding them with treatment every 3 weeks.

Why Siobhan was nominated:

Siobhan has suffered from cancer and has been an excellent childminder for my 2 children. While ill she continued to look after my children being a key priority and always had back up arranged. She is such a positive person and so deserving of this. Go team Siobhan

How Siobhan feels:

I am shocked and honoured to be nominated for this award. It is lovely that Orla thinks so much of me.