International Women’s Day: Rachel Coyne

Why Rachel was nominated:

Rachel has had a tough time but she keeps going and looks after everyone. Her sister Geraldine passed a while ago, her son passed away nearly 7 years ago. Her father Philip passed away in 2017. Rachel has been there for her mother and the rest of her family more than anyone I have ever seen before. I had a baby last September and she was there for me too. She is my cousin and I am truly blessed to have her in my life.

I think she deserves to be recognised for being everyone’s rock even when she is also going through difficulties. And she doesn’t know how amazing she is.

How Rachel Feels:

I was shocked to receive a mail that my Cousin Tara had nominated me for this. To me, it’s just an ordinary day and there are MANY others out there who do the same every day without recognition. We celebrate them all. Thank you.