International Women’s Day: Mira Garvin

About Mira

Hi! my name is Mira, I am an Irish based Health Food Blogger and a Health and Nutrition Coach of a Mauritian background.

On top of being a mother of 4, I hold a Diploma in Nutrition and Health Coaching and currently furthering my 3-and-a-half-year study with The Irish Institute of Nutrition and Health in Nutritional Therapy.

I hold regular cooking demos, write blog posts with recipes and work with clients both online and one-on-one coaching.

I believe in Bio-individuality which means that there is no one-size-fits-all diet. Each person is a unique individual with highly individualised nutritional and lifestyle requirements.

I became a Nutrition freak when I started seeing improvements in my own health.

Not only was I free from the daily migraines and depression, but people started complimenting on my skin and hair (win-win).

Today, I am on a quest to bringing mums back to ‘basic’ and finding love and acceptance for themselves through evidence-based nutrition, self-care and exercise.   I believe mums need nurturing and want to share how my experience of loving myself has helped me love and care for others around me. I am currently writing a 12-week program called ‘Project me for mums’ that covers areas like:

  • Mindset – How to set yourself for success with a mindset change
  • Organisation – practical tips on time management, de-cluttering and planning ahead that saves you time and energy
  • Food and health – with simple recipes that nourish the body and mind
  • How to exercise being a mum – Weekly home exercises provided
  • Self-care & Sleep – Yes you can make time for both of them because you’re worth it
It’s all about the story we tell ourselves that sets us for success and failure. Nurturing your body and mind as a mum is as important as the food and love you provide your child. It’s not selfish.

On my blog, the focus is on ‘Everyday REAL’ food instead of the edible food-like substances on our market shelves.

My recipes are inspired by my ethnic background with a dollop of the western twist plus affordability, availability and convenience in mind! If there is one thing I can’t live without are my spices!


Why she was nominated:

Mira deserves to be recognised as she has dedicated her business to helping women live their best lives through her nutrition coaching business. Mira has trained as a Nutrition Coach and is now finishing a Nutritional Therapist qualification in order to further support her community of mums looking to feel great in their bodies.

Mira has lived an amazing life, been through an arranged marriage and been widowed at 27 with one child before moving from her home in Mauritius to Ireland for a new life. She really is incredibly inspirational.


How Mira feels:

I feel so grateful and honoured to be nominated and be seated among other inspirational women. Never did I think that my life experience would lead me to be serving other women and being part of this.

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