International Women’s Day: Chloé Fessler

Why was Chloé nominated: 

Chloé is a dear friend of mine – probably the kindest person I know.
She is only in her 20s, and she dedicates the majority of her free time to volunteering, helping people and making sure her friends are having the best time.
Just a couple of the many things that come to mind:

  • Chloé wrote birthday songs and organized 2 surprise birthday parties;
  • Chloé volunteers with Inner City Helping Homeless
  • She was one of the volunteers at the “Fill a Luas” Christmas campaign
  • She volunteers every Tuesday at night to make sure no homeless people are cold/hungry;
  • Chloé fostered a lost puppy her colleagues found on the DART
  • Chloé is always there for a karaoke night with me and our friends;
  • She bakes the best brownies!

How Chloé feels about being nominated:

I never expected to be nominated for this type of event.
I consider myself just “one of many” people that give their time.
I love giving my time to help the ICHH and never thought this would be picked up on as something nomination worthy, but I’m terribly touched by this :). If I had known about this, I would have nominated 2 of our ICHH members who work tirelessly toward improving homelessness in Dublin!