The Story Behind Ardsallagh Goats Cheese

Ardsallagh Goat Farm is one of FIRE’s oldest suppliers!

We recently made the journey to Ardsallagh, a small artisan goat’s cheese producer in Cork, where we met Dairy Manager Luke Murphy who told us the fascinating story behind the Ardsallagh Goats Cheese family business.

As a small artisan goat’s cheese producer, Ardsallagh makes handmade, mostly soft goat’s cheese, which is primarily used for catering.

It’s a very natural product without additives or preservatives. They strive to create Goat Cheese that allows chefs to be creative and innovative with their dishes and food art.

Ardsallagh Goats Farm Cheese has been a long standing partner of Fire Steakhouse Restaurant in Dublin. We love to use goat’s cheese made using old-fashioned or traditional method, as it uses natural products and is definitely healthy.

Watch Luke tell us the story of  behind Ardsallagh Goats Cheese!

As a toddler, Luke suffered from eczema, and his Mother Jane was told that goat’s milk would help!

“An insurance salesman once saw Luke and told his mother that goat’s milk would clear up the eczema. She didn’t buy the insurance, but he came back with a goat, saying this was what Luke needed”.

She took the advice and Luke’s eczema cleared up.

Since then they have always had goats in the garden and following years of experimenting this has grown into something wonderfully tasty.

Ardsallagh Farmhouse has used traditional farming methods to create high-quality, natural goat’s cheese for over 20 years which our Culinary Team led by Richie Wilson use to create one of FIRE’s staple dishes on our menus; Ardsallagh Goat’s Cheese mousse starter.

Check out the recipe for this delicious dish here.