Farm to FIRE II: Barley to Beer

We are delighted to release the second video in our Farm to FIRE series, Barley to Beer! FIRE’s General Manager, Andrew Fisher, and Liam Hanlon from St. Mel’s Brewing Company take you on the journey of FIRE 1864 our exclusive Irish craft lager.


We are so proud to have worked with St.Mel’s brewery to create our very own Irish Craft lager, FIRE 1864.

St Mel’s are a small independent brewery established in Longford in 2013, producing 3,000,000 litres of beer per year for the Irish and exports market. St. Mel’s brew the highest quality beers from the best available ingredients in an all-natural, small batch process with no chemicals or preservatives.

FIRE 1864 was Lagered in a tank for six weeks this delicately balanced lager utilises a hopping process called ‘first wort hopping.’ This process lends the beer a fine bitterness balanced by the aroma of the noble Mittelfruh variety. The result is a light malt base contributing biscuit flavours mingles with hints of pear and lemon from the hops.

The name is derived from FIRE’s extensive history, the room in which FIRE Restaurant is now located is formally called the supper room and was first was built in 1864. The room, which was built on a budget of £1,500, was used as the supper room for the Lord Mayor initially, later it was used as a cultural centre. In 2005, the building became FIRE Restaurant at The Mansion House. The building itself remains in the care of the state and the Lord Mayor is still in residence in the Mansion House who often comes to dine in ‘The Supper Room’.

FIRE 1864 is available on draught and by the bottle at FIRE daily.