1kgFresh Cod Fillet (Scaled and Pin Boned)
1eaRed Chili Pepper
60gFresh Bread Crumbs
1eaZest of a Lemon
20gFinely Chopped Sage
200mlGood olive Oil
For The Peperonata
2eaRed Bell Pepper
2eaYellow Bell Pepper
2eCloves Garlic Crushed
2tspChopped thyme
100mlFish Stock
0.5canChopped tomatoes
Olive Oil, Seasoning
For The Herb Roast Potatoes
1kgBaby Potatoes
2eaGarlic Cloves
2eCloves Garlic Crushed
2tspChopped thyme
1tspChopped Rosemary
1tspChopped Sage
Olive Oil, Seasoning



Baked fillet of Cod with a sage, chili and lemon crumb, Peperonata Confit, Accompanied by herb roast baby potatoes


Begin with the Cod itself, ask your fish monger to Scale and remove the pin bones for you and cut it into 4 equal portions. In a bowl, add the crumbs, chili, lemon zest and Sage. Now add about half the olive oil (100ml) to the crumb and herb and mix this well with a spoon but don’t force all the crumb together, keep them nice and light. Now with the remaining olive oil coat each cod fillet with it, season each light before placing skin side up on a tray. Now cover the skin on each fillet with the breadcrumb and herb mix.

For the Peperonata
Heat a wide base pan and drizzle a little olive oil over it. Now add in the shallots and peppers, both thinly sliced (julienne). Sweat them over a gentle heat turning all the while. Now add in the garlic and herbs and continue to cook until the peppers and shallots have softened, season with a little salt and pepper before adding the stock and tomatoes. Simmer this with the lid on for about 10-15 minutes over a very low heat until the peppers have become a rich stew.
Now spread the peperonata into a deep oven proof dish. Place the cod fillets on top of the peppers and place this into a pre heated oven at 180 degrees. This will take about 20 minutes for the cod to cook through.

For the potatoes
Slice the baby potatoes into thin discs, about the depth of a coin. Place them into a roasting dish and drizzle well with olive oil. Add in the chopped herbs, garlic and seasoning. Turn the potatoes well in the tray to ensure they have a good cover of herbs and oil on each one. Place this in a pre-heated oven at 180 degrees. These will take about 20 minutes, about the same time as the cod so you can put them both in together. Cook then until the browned and beginning to crisp.

To Serve:
Place a few spoons of the potatoes to one side of the plate as a bed for the cod. Lift the fillet of cod off the peppers and place on top of the potatoes. Now spoon the peppers along the opposite side of the plate.
A little balsamic reduction and some parsley cress make a great garnish for this dish

Enjoy from Fire Restaurant Dublin